We get Derrick Goolds thoughts oon Gomber- He says his pitches had good action, good movement and good cut. A few issues with command, but Goold likes the way Gomber pitches. He’s never surrenders to an inning. All in all, a good outing on Tuesday. Not easy to say that about Reyes, though. He was rusty and Derrick wonders if he’ll ever be able to control the electric stuff in his arsenal. He flashes such brilliance; it’s riveting and keeps people combing back but it’s no use without command. Shildt didn’t hide it and said Reyes’ rhythm was off. Cecil wasn’t so good either and has just as much to prove as Reyes. Goold sees Cecil starting the year in Memphis but may make his way to the major bullpen. Munoz looked good and seemingly fits the opening day roster. We also talk Carlson vs. Bader in centerfield and more here: