The season is over and now it’s time to take a break and reflect on the season. You know, really take a lot of downtime to catch our breath. Right? No! It’s time to fire up the mailbag and give some random thoughts on the sports world.  Remember, you can email me a question and I’ll try to get to as many as I can on Mondays. The email is

Let’s start with some thoughts on the Cardinals. Miles Mikolas will get Cy Young Award votes and he deserves them. I could make the case that he’s the best off-season signing in baseball and I can’t believe I’m saying that after watching his first two appearances in spring training. My top 3? Max Scherzer, Jacob Degrom and then, Mikolas. Mikolas went undefeated on the road and won 18 games. I realize that some do not put as much attention towards wins anymore and I understand that. For Scherzer, it would be his fourth Cy Young Award and would solidify his already amazing and growing resume. Mile MikolasThis season he was tied for first in wins, third in ERA, and struck out 300! He’s headed to the Hall of Fame. One of the best Missouri baseball players in the history of the school.

Speaking of Mizzou, can they bounce back after this weekend in South Carolina? That’s one of the worst losses in recent memory. With Alabama looming, good luck. I had the South Carolina game as a win on the schedule before the season began. Now? I hope they get to 7 wins and somehow make a bowl game. I’m pulling for Barry Odom but, this loss hurts. Coaches are evaluated by wins and losses and in the manner in which they win or lose those games, that was ugly. By the way, the opening line at Alabama is that the Tide are favored by 29.5 points.

Are you concerned about Jake Allen? I get it. Boos on opening night is a tough way to start. Two games in, I’ll withhold a knee jerk reaction, let’s check back on that in a month.

This past week I put a poll question out on Twitter, which former Cardinal are you pulling for in the postseason? With a resounding 71-percent, Matt Holliday was the fans choice. It got me wondering what he wants to do after this season. Would he want a reunion with the Cardinals as a bench player and right handed power option off the bench? I’d love to see it and I’d love to see Matt Adams return to the Cardinals. He hit 21 homeruns in just over 300 at bats. That’ll play.

I’ve watched a total of three minutes of an NFL game this year. That’s three more than I watched last year. Progress. I scroll through twitter a lot and I enjoy Earl Austin Jr’s tweets from the various high school sporting events. I need to get him on a podcast. There is nobody that understands the amateur sports scene better than Earl.

Speaking of amateur sports, I was at my 9 year old son’s soccer game this weekend and the opposing coach was thrown out and eventually, his team thrown off the field in a forfeit because of his rage. I realize all the kids are headed to be professionals but, are you kidding me? Embarrassing.

I don’t watch a lot of sports on TV but, I find myself stopping and looking for any game that Lebron James is a part of. The NBA is a sensational product and they have the greatest athlete in the world as their centerpiece. The league markets him and the league so well. As I watch that, I wonder how baseball could market their “Stars” better? There are amazing athletes and personalities playing the sport. Showcase them. Interview them. Let’s find out more about them. LeBron James

Ok, this is my first crack at this. I’ll answer some questions below. I want to remind you that I’ll have a podcast with George Grande this week, Blues previews, Mizzou report (with Mike Kelly), and a baseball podcast with Brian Walton. I hope you enjoyed this and support the sponsors!


Lauren, St. Charles MO

Dan, I enjoyed Monday’s With Mo on “Scoops.” What do you think he does this off-season to improve the team?


Thanks for checking out the website. I think there a number of ways to get better and it’s never easy to do. However, with three straight non-playoff appearances you can imagine there’s a sense of urgency to get back into postseason. In no particular order, I could see a left handed power hitting corner infielder (third base?), left handed relief help, and maybe, just maybe, a superstar. Winning will always bring fans to the park but, so does a superstar. Machado or Harper? Yes. I’ll let you write their checks.


Joe, Imperial MO

Do you see Bader being an everyday outfielder?


Yes. That’s not to say there won’t be some growing pains offensively along the way. His speed is as good as anybody in the game and I would think that would keep him from prolonged slumps. Also, I think he’ll win a Gold Glove in the very near future. It’s the adjustments he has to make on an everyday basis. In particular, when he’s facing a right handed pitcher. He hit .292 vs LH pitching as opposed to .251 vs RH pitching. The splits aren’t bad and he hit more homeruns against the righties but, the league is figuring him out and he will have to do the same. When you play everyday, that has a way of getting guys to improve and make the necessary adjustments.


Mike Shaw

Talk more baseball and non-related chit chat.


Mike, I work with 5 analysts and they are all different and bring so much to the games. They are all from different eras and have great perspectives on the game today and the era in which they played. Personally, I love it. Do I get sidetracked talking about the Cardinals from the past? Yes. Will that continue? Yes.


Kevin, Kirkwood MO

Do you miss doing the Blues telecasts? I remember when you first started.


I do. I really enjoyed hockey (still do) and I especially enjoyed the people and the players that were around the sport. They made it fun. I started on KMOX doing the intermissions and then eventually, went to TV. One of my first television interviews was with Gordie Howe and I’ll never forget it. He was such a gentleman that opening night. Great sport, people, passion, and fans.


Elizabeth, Los Angeles

I see David Freese in Dodger Blue. Do you see him coming coming back to St. Louis?David Freese


No. However, I do see his case as a Cardinals Hall of Famer as a really unique one. He had one of the greatest post season runs in the history of the franchise and he’s a hometown kid. Does it get any better than that? Probably not. To be eligible for the Cardinals Hall of Fame, a player must have played three seasons for the Cardinals and have been retired from the majors for at least three years. The Cardinals Hall of Fame is not the National Baseball Hall Of Fame and in my opinion, it’s a collection of THE greatest Cardinals and ones that defined moments, eras, and teams. I’m not sure we will ever see another David Freese postseason. Cardinal Hall of Famer? I wouldn’t bet against it. I’d love to see it.


Zach, New York

I love your website and it keeps me connected to my Cardinals. What do you do in the off-season?


Zach, thanks for checking out the site. I have put a lot of work Into it. As a matter of fact, I work with the folks at the Miller Group in St. Louis during the off-season to try and improve it. They’re amazing. Admittedly, a lot of my time is spent with my four kids and trying to see them grow up. It’s incredible. Also, I try to stay up to date with the teams here in town. Obviously, watch the playoffs and the Blues. However, my time is spent trying to make this site as good as I can. It’s a passion. Thanks for the interest.