Another week is in the books and it’s time dive into the week that was in sports and let’s be honest, it’s time for me to write about whatever I want. So, here we go with Monday Musings and always remember, you can email me at Let’s do this!

MLS to St. Louis. I touched upon this last week and after dropping a podcast with Taylor Twellman, I am even more enthused about this project. In terms of my most listened to interviews on the site, it was less than 24 hours, and his podcast was in the top 15. What that tells me is that there is quite an appetite for MLS to the Lou. I’ve done some digging around on this and it IS important, as a fan, to be involved in social media about the project. The MLS is monitoring this, corporate support, general interest from fans in St. Louis. As I said before, the town needs a win. Also, I just feel the sport is getting bigger and bigger because of the injury aspect of football. There are so many young kids playing the sport of soccer. “I love the fact that it’s a 100-percent local ownership group. That’s extremely important for St. Louisans,” said Twellman. “The sport of soccer is the most inclusive sport that we have in our country. It’s only going to make St. Louis better. That’s why it’s so much more than just soccer, St. Louis, and stadium. I actually think it will help downtown more than people think.” Again, St. Louis needs a win. This week, expect a podcast with Jim Kavanaugh and check back in on the website.

The NFL back to town? Interesting. There are reports that the Chargers move to LA hasn’t quite worked out like certain projections may have been planned. I’m shocked. Just shocked. Really? Honestly, the NFL didn’t see this coming? Well, with that, there were rumors flying that again, St. Louis, would be an NFL market. My question would be this, are their fans that have had enough and even want to go down that road again? The ONLY way it works is with local ownership, a long (and I mean long) lease on a stadium, and the NFL kicking in the money for the improvements on the dome or a new stadium. Good luck.

I want to thank HotShots for having myself and Bernie Federko out for a “live” taping of a podcast for the website. We highlighted his new book, “Bernie Federko: My Blues Note.” You can listen to the entire podcast here. My favorite part? After the Monday Night Miracle, there was still a Game 7 in Calgary and as we know, the Blues lost. However, the players still had to get home. They did not have a chartered flight to get back to town. Well, get your credit cards out boys, or in this case, Bernie! Bernie had to give his credit card to those booking flights for the players, to get them back to St. Louis on commercial flights. Amazing. Times have changed just a bit.

Last weekend, I dropped the Adam Wainwright podcast. He said a lot of interesting things about why he’s coming back, his health, and when he decided to return to the Major Leagues. He made the decision before the season had ended and he still had a fire to compete, whether that was with the Cardinals or not. With the support of his family, he’s back for another year and it’s a highly incentive based contract.

“What I think is cool is the opportunity to go into spring training and perform at a level that people want me to start again.” Waino said. “If I’m squeezed out by our nine really talented youngsters, then I still want my innings to mean something.”

As I watched local sports this past Saturday Night, I thought I was watching a coach that saved his job, for the moment, and another that has squarely put himself on thin ice. To me, there was no other way to put it, it was a must win for the Blues and coach Mike Yeo. He’s still standing. The Blues have five more games on their home stand and they have to do some damage.

As far as Mizzou and Barry Odom, there was questionable playing calling, time management issues, and bad special teams. This SEC is a coaches league and those types of meltdowns just can’t happen. It was a brutal loss for Mizzou. Can the Tigers get to seven wins? Will fans come out and support the team? Every ticket sold is important to the bottom line and trying to compete in the facilities race of the SEC. I don’t see them winning this weekend and that leaves Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and Arkansas left. I would think they have to go 3-1 the rest of the way or else there are changes coming.

The Red Sox won the World Series and they aren’t going anywhere. It’s a young nucleus of players that for the most part, play the game with a premium of putting the ball in play. When the Cardinals went 22-6 in August, there were fewer strikeouts and the ball was in play. They have to get back to that. By the way, Joe Kelly was dominant in the Fall Classic as he appeared in all 5 games of the series, earned a win, didn’t allow a run and struck out 10 in 6 innings. Do the Cardinals want to reunite with Kelly? As we’ve seen, in postseason play, a dominant bullpen is key. I’m happy for Stubby Clapp and his promotion to the Big League club. Well deserved.

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