Lee Broughton is one of the leading charges in the campaign to deliver a unified narrative about the St. Louis region as a whole. His career in communications and ties to Enterprise Holdings give him a solid platform to represent what is dubbed STLMade- an effort to accelerate economic development in our region.

STLMade is a movement which recognizes that St. Louis is experiencing a renaissance and believes it’s high time we told our story. The movement exists to shine a light on the amazing things our innovative, tenacious, big-hearted people are doing to move the St. Louis region forward. The goal over time is to help improve perceptions about our region among our residents, and create internal advocates among our citizenry that will help attract new talent and investment to the area.

TheSTL.com is the digital hub of the movement and showcases stories about what’s working well, what St. Louis has to offer, and how people, businesses and institutions are affecting change in order to create more opportunities for all.