It is common for many student-athletes to play multiple sports during the school year, but it is rare for someone to play two sports simultaneously. Taylor Wuennenberg from Ursuline Academy is one of those athletes that is doing just that this fall. And she is doing it with outstanding results.

Wuennenberg is a standout on the Bears golf team as a sophomore as she qualified for the Missouri State High School Activities Association Class 3 State Championships with a ninth-place finish in their district at Wolf hollow Golf Course this past Monday. She is also the starting goalkeeper for the Ursuline Field Hockey team and carries a 7-7-1 record between the pipes into the upcoming post-season tournament.

Taking on two sports in the same season is extremely tough, but Wuennenberg has successfully made everything work for both teams.

“It has been hard this year,” stated Wuennenberg. “I got used to it last year as my friends were able to help me out and be very supportive. Now and then, they tease me about not being one of the practices when I am at the other, but they get it and I try to help at both.”

Photo Credit – Connie Walker, Ursuline Academy


Golf and Field Hockey are two very different sports. Wuennenberg started playing golf at an early age but just started her Field Hockey career recently. But she has grown to love playing both sports.

“Golf has always been around me as I started playing when I was six years old,” said Wuennenberg. “I started playing a lot more when I was in the seventh grade, and I kept playing from there. I continued to work on my game a lot from that point. This summer was hard as I was playing mostly Lacrosse because that is my spring sport, so I barely played golf this summer, so I was worried that it would affect my game. I guess it did not affect it too much as I am going to state next week. As for field hockey, I just started playing last year, but I also played ice hockey in the past, so that helped me in going between the sports. It is so much fun because I love to play sports and I do not even know what I would do if I was not playing something.”

Being able to do what Wuennenberg is doing means that there is a lot of support from so many people in her life. That has not been lost on her.

“My mom is so nice to me as she got me the best golf clubs that I could ever ask for,” stated Wuennenberg. “I don’t even have to beg for them as she always says that I am going to get you the best weapons out there so that you can play your best game. My dad would get me some used irons when I was a kid and now, I am getting all of this good stuff so that I can be successful and have fun. They just care that I try my best and have fun. They don’t push me too hard as I am always pushing myself.”

Being a multi-sport athlete is tough but playing two sports in the same season and then handling the academic side makes it even more demanding. Wuennenberg has found that balance and is learning as a sophomore that time management and communication is the key.

“I try to keep up by emailing my teachers if something is missing so that I can stay on top of things,” said Wuennenberg. “I make sure that I am checking in with all of my teachers and I know that there are many late nights of getting homework done and then watching game film for field hockey with my friend so that we are prepared.”

The commitment to both teams is outstanding as she played in the district golf tournament Monday morning and then turned around and played in the Bears field hockey match Monday afternoon. That is no easy task.

“After the district golf tournament, I got in the car and called my friend on the field hockey team and told her that I was on the way,” stated Wuennenberg. “Her first question was how I did, and I told her my score. She then asked if that was good and if I made it to state and I said that I was not sure at the time, but I was in ninth place when I finished. I just grabbed a hamburger at the course after I finished and got on the road so that I could help my field hockey team.”

Wuennenberg is so talented in all of her sports, so it is hard to pinpoint which one is her favorite, but she is leaning towards one as it is a sport that she can play for a lifetime.

“It all depends on the day on which one is my favorite,” said Wuennenberg. “Sometimes, all I want to play is lacrosse. Most of the time, it is whatever season I am playing in. This year, I love my field hockey girls and I love my golf team. But, if I had to pick just one, it would be field hockey, but I know that I can play golf my whole life. Field hockey is just a small period in life right now.”

Congratulations to Taylor Wuennenberg on being named our HSSC/Scoops with Danny Mac Student-Athlete of the Week and we wish her the best of luck at the State Golf Championships next week and in the remainder of the field hockey season.


Jim Powers
Jim Powers

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