Tony talks about Fernando Tatis’  two grand slams in one inning a mere 20 years ago. He said, for him, it was the most surprising thing that happened in his managerial career. How does he remember that night? What still sticks in his mind?

Also, he often compares Goldschmidt to Albert Pujols. What is it about the two that resemble each other? He got to know Goldschmidt in Arizona. In Tony’s words, he’s a tremendous human being just like Albert.

We talk bat flips. What’s Tony’s opinion on the drama that can surround the showy nature in baseball right now? He says there’s a fine line in emotional display and showmanship. When it is ok to retaliate?

Tony talks Ken Hitchcock stories and Blues success. Did he know Yadi was such a big Blues fan? Listen here for all that and mailbag questions answered too.