Lots of interesting stories today. Tony tells us about his friendship with Carlos Santana and band. What did Santana give Tony as a good luck charm for the World Series last year? How has that band been involved with ARF over the years?

Tony and Mike Shildt also have a great report. How did Shildt impress Tony years ago? What is it about Shildt that’s like George Kissell? Tony says Mike Shildt is a constant student of the game and that it serves him well.

Shildt wasn’t a big enough name as a coach for some talking about St. Louis managers but Martin points out that Tony wasn’t a big name when he got the Chicago job. We talk to Tony about his time in Chicago and his opinion of Harry Caray. What did Harry Caray call Martin before an interview?

We talk about the newest Cardinals HOF inductees too.  All that and more stories from the one and only TLR here.