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Tony Talk – Episode 11 – Albert Pujols

In this week's "Tony Talk" the topic is Albert Pujols. His exit from St. Louis and his return to Busch this weekend. What Mark McGwire said to Tony about Albert in the Spring of 2001. Also, the myth that Pujols only made the team because of a Bonilla injury.

Tony Talk – Episode 10

In this week's "Tony Talk", Tony talks about the Blues Stanley Cup win, what sports can do for a city, his parade memories, also stories about his Dad as we approach Father's Day.  Plus, how John Grisham became a F.O.T. (friend of Tony)

Tony Talk – Episode 9

In this week’s “Tony Talk”,  Martin and Tony compare Cards vs Cubs to Red Sox vs Yankees.  Tony wishes Luke Voit was still in St. Louis instead of the AL East.  Also, how Larry Walker brought the NHL handshake to the baseball playoffs.    Plus, is there still a great...

Tony Talk – Episode 8

In this week’s “Tony Talk”, Martin stops by Tony’s office at Fenway Park. They discuss  lineup construction. Who should hit second and why? Also, how much heat did Tony take when he decided to hit the pitcher eighth. The unfortunate legacy of Bill Buckner. How Tony...

Tony Talk – Episode 7

In this week’s “Tony Talk”, we go behind the scenes with Game 6 of the 2011 World Series and what may have gotten David Freese’s bat going.   Redbird Roulette lands on Steve Kline.   Tony still sounds fired up about the night Kline gave him the finger.   Plus, with...

Tony Talk – Episode 6

This week’s “Tony Talk” features conversation about when to take a pitcher out of a game, whether coaches should get into the Hall of Fame, and what to do with suspected PED users and their candidacy for Cooperstown.   Tony disagrees with Martin’s take that Mark...

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