Brian Walton of knows all about the minor leagues and he’s here to talk about the latest. We know now that paying minor leaguers is team-by-team basis beyond June 1. The A’s have stated they aren’t paying those in the minors going forward at all though they are still “under contract”. How is that legal? How/what are the options for those players?

Cuts happen anyway each year around this time to make room for draftees so Brian says the majority of those released would have to be cut by this time next year anyhow. Now that they’re no longer property of team, Brian says, players can do whatever else they’re able whether it’s joining a new team or leaving baseball.

If MLB and the players association reach an agreement for this year, is there an asterisk by any records? Brian says it depends who you ask and how many games they get in. Fewer games mean less credibility. Listen here for more: