The latest news on Major League Soccer coming to St. Louis.

MLS4thelou: The Latest News

MLS continues to expand with the expected announcement that Austin, Texas will be awarded the 27th franchise of the league.  So, what does that mean for the St. Louis project?  In this podcast, Carolyn Kindle Betz and Jim Kavanaugh explain the latest developments in...

Female Lead Ownership

  "What's it like to be a woman in sports?" It’s a loaded question, and one that I get asked often. It’s also one that’s extremely difficult to answer. I can certainly speak about my personal experience, but for each woman, their path to whatever job they hold in...

MLS Update – Bill McDermott on Latest News

Bill McDermott, Mr. Soccer, tells us about where St. Louis stands in the fight for an MLS team. How did he get the name Mr. Soccer? What can the fans expect in the next few weeks? Also, he talks the Mary McDermott Basketball Tournament benefiting Cardinal Glennon...

MLS update with Jim Kavanaugh

Today in New York, MLS owners gathered to discuss many league issues and among them was league expansion. The Kavanaugh-Taylor families have been leading the charge to bring MLS and a soccer-centric stadium to St. Louis. What’s the latest? Find out here with Jim Kavanaugh. Enjoy. #MLS4THELOU

Follow up with Taylor Twellman

Taylor Twellman, ESPN commentator, and Dan provide an update on the current progress of #MLS4THELOU.  What does MLS think about the progress?  Listen to hear from MLS insider and St. Louisan, Taylor Twellman.   Enjoy!

Bill McDermott – Special Contributor

The following is a special guest blog by Mr. Soccer himself, Bill McDermott.  Enjoy!   MLS in St. Louis. Sure has a nice sound to it, but it's not a done deal yet. The Taylor/Kavanaugh families announced on October 9 of this year their intentions to bring a MLS...

Monday Musings – A Special MLS Edition

The date was January 12, 2016. I will always remember it, because it was the first (and last) time since my son was an infant that I saw him cry. It was the night the St. Louis Rams became the LA Rams and Stan Kroenke became richer and gutted a city. You see, all my...

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